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About SMstudy

A Guide to the Sales and Marketing Body of Knowledge, also referred to as the “SMstudy® Guide,” is a series of books that provide guidelines for the Sales and Marketing of products and services. It offers a comprehensive framework that can be used to effectively manage Sales and Marketing efforts in any organization. The objective of the SMstudy® Guide is to provide a practical and process-oriented approach to Sales and Marketing that emphasizes how various elements of Sales and Marketing can be integrated to develop a comprehensive and effective organizational Sales and Marketing Plan.

Sales & Marketing Aspects

The SMstudy® Guide describes six Aspects of Sales and Marketing as follows:

  1. Marketing Strategy (MS)
  2. Marketing Research (MR)
  3. Digital Marketing (DM)
  4. Corporate Sales (CS)
  5. Branding and Advertising (BA)
  6. Retail Marketing (RM)

Since the SMstudy® Guide is geared towards Sales and Marketing professionals or those who desire to work in this field, the six Aspects are based on the six most common and often distinct career fields related to Sales and Marketing.


Marketing Strategy

All successful products or brands need well-planned marketing strategies in place to ensure that they satisfy the goals set by the Corporate Marketing Strategy or Business Unit/Geographic Strategies. Marketing Strategy is one of the most crucial Aspects of Sales and Marketing. It defines a product or brand’s unique value proposition, target markets, and strategies to connect with defined audiences. It also specifies the overall pricing and distribution strategies of the product or brand, and outlines the objectives, metrics, and budgets for all its marketing activities.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of several Aspects of Marketing discussed in the SMStudy Guide series.The processes associated with establishing a Digital Marketing Strategy include gaining an understanding of the specific targets that this Aspect of Marketing must achieve in order to contribute to the successful attainment of marketing objectives; recognizing the various channels and options that digital media offers; building or acquiring the needed expertise and establishing a strong digital presence; and optimizing each of these channels to ensure maximum reach, build good customer relationships, and establish and protect a strong reputation in the chosen markets.

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